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2024 Platinum, Palladium, and Rhodium Market Trends: Insights from Dr. Jonathan Butler

The 48th Annual IPMI Conference in Orlando, Florida, brought together industry leaders, experts, and stakeholders from across the precious metals sector. One of the highlights of the conference was an exclusive interview with Dr. Jonathan Butler, the newly elected President of the IPMI and Head of Business Development for Mitsubishi Corporation on the Precious Metals side. Dr. Butler shared his invaluable insights into the current state and future trends of the precious metals market. In this blog, we delve into his journey, market trends, innovations, and the impact of global events on the industry.

Dr. Jonathan Butler’s Journey and Involvement with IPMI

Dr. Jonathan Butler’s career in the precious metals industry spans over a decade. He started with Johnson Matthey and later joined Mitsubishi Corporation, where he currently leads business development on the Precious Metals side. His involvement with the IPMI has been extensive, serving in various roles over the years, including presenting at conferences, participating in committees, and eventually being elected to the board. His journey through the IPMI has been a “great learning experience,” working with fantastic people and contributing to the industry’s development.

Evolution of the Precious Metals Industry

Over the past decade, the precious metals industry has undergone significant changes. Dr. Butler highlighted the increased focus on clean energy and its impact on the sector. The industry’s move towards sustainability and the challenges and opportunities it presents are crucial topics. Regulatory changes have also played a significant role, with more emphasis on responsible sourcing and compliance with delivery standards. These developments reflect the industry’s adaptation to modern demands and future readiness.

Market Trends and Future Outlook

Platinum Market:

Dr. Butler is cautiously optimistic about the platinum market. The level of support seen at around $850 in recent months appears to be a stable floor. Hybrid vehicles’ resurgence, which requires similar platinum loadings as traditional internal combustion engines, supports this optimism. Additionally, hydrogen technology, primarily a platinum-based technology, stands to benefit significantly from green hydrogen production and sustainable aviation fuels. The ongoing political and economic conditions in South Africa, a primary producer, also influence the market.

Palladium and Rhodium Markets:

Palladium and rhodium are heavily dependent on the auto catalyst market. While growth is not expected to be as strong as in preceding years, Dr. Butler remains cautiously optimistic. He notes that while battery electric vehicles are gaining market share, particularly in China, hybrid vehicles still play a significant role. The challenge lies in finding new and scalable applications for these metals as the auto market evolves towards greater electrification.

Recycling Catalytic Converters

Recycling catalytic converters is a critical segment of the precious metals industry. Dr. Butler discussed the current state of recycling, noting that while volumes have been subdued due to lower prices, the market is beginning to see more supply. Recycling offers significant economic and environmental benefits, and the industry is continuously improving collection networks and processing capabilities. As market conditions evolve, recycling will remain a vital part of the precious metals supply chain.

Innovations and New Applications

Innovation is essential for the future of the precious metals industry. Dr. Butler highlighted the importance of finding new applications for platinum, palladium, and rhodium. Research and development efforts are focused on exploring promising technologies, such as hydrogen purification and sustainable aviation fuels. The versatility of palladium, for instance, offers exciting potential across various applications. The industry must continue to support innovation to discover new uses and maintain market relevance.

Global Events and Their Impact on Precious Metals

Global events significantly influence precious metal prices. Dr. Butler discussed how geopolitical uncertainty, elections, and ongoing conflicts impact the market. Precious metals often serve as a hedge against economic and political instability. While the current market is cautious, the precious metals complex provides a balance between industrial demand and hedging against uncertainty. The future will depend on how global events unfold and their implications for the industry.


Dr. Jonathan Butler’s insights at the 48th Annual IPMI Conference provide a comprehensive overview of the precious metals industry’s current state and future prospects. From market trends to innovations and the impact of global events, Dr. Butler’s expertise offers valuable guidance for industry professionals, investors, and enthusiasts. Staying informed about these trends and developments is crucial for navigating the evolving landscape of the precious metals market.

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