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Who We Are

Noble to the Core


Noble6 began in 2010 with four partners with over 100 years of combined experience: one metallurgist, two engineers, and a 4th generation nonferrous metal processor.

As a highly experienced team, Noble6 is committed to revealing beneficial and profitable information to the catalytic converter recycling industry.

Our History


The Start

We proudly started as PGM Recovery systems, founded in 2010.


Market Entrance

After two years of marketing to the automotive industry, we made our entrance into the Catalytic Converter Recycling industry.


Research and Development

Our research and development phase for processing metal foil converters began.


Developed Green Proprietary Process

This process is used to recover PGMs from a difficult by-product. Through complex extraction techniques these convert a low value feed stock into a high-value furnace concentrate.



We began research and development for recycling PGM bearing spark plugs. We also received a patent for recovering PGM bound to metallic substrate in October of the same year.


Design and Build

We retained an engineering firm to design and build a high-speed process line. In July of the same year, we implemented marketing efforts to acquire spark plugs. Then in October, we installed a spark plug processing line.


Noble6 Rebrand

We rebranded. The same level of innovation, and expertise, but with a different look and name. We’re proud to exude Noble morals in every step of our process.


Spark Plug Patent in US/EU/Japan

Automated system mechanically extracts spark plug tips containing valuable metals.

Why Noble 6?

Partnering with Noble6 is like hiring an in-house consultant to not only build your brand’s sales and profitability, but to walk you through every step of the recycling process seamlessly. We pull back the cover on the industry and allow our partners an inside look. Our strengths also lie in the innovative, technological, and logistical details of precious metal recycling. Allowing for a long relationship with our partners.

Choose the Experts

Our timeline speaks volumes. Our team has a combined 100 years of experience, so there’s no doubt we are the expert choice. We have spent years dedicated to testing, proving, and implementing new technology to overcome the extraction of a low value of PGM feed stock. We have spent years perfecting our processes, and innovating inventive new ways to get your business the most precise profit in the fastest amount of time possible.

We’re your valued resource. Our team is here for you with endless educational materials, and expert-level tailoring. This is the Noble difference.

pH7 Technologies Partnership

With PGM becoming a key material for the development of next generation renewable energy, companies recognize the need to secure the supply of materials needed. The pH7-Noble6 partnership brings together over two decades of experience with supply chain and processing of platinum, palladium, rhodium, and iridium from recyclers in North America.



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