Shipping can be done simply by scheduling a shipment on our website and choosing a carrier of your choice. Learn more about our shipping process here

Selling converters in the can will always keep you below top tier pricing. Remember, these can buyers need to make their mark-up too… Why not put that extra money in your pocket through our unique catalyst program? Learn more about our converter recycling here

You can reach the top of the market by de-canning your converters and joining our
catalyst program. Watch your profits rise to the top like never before!

This program is for companies who can generate at least 500 converters. It is designed
to best help you reach top pricing in the market.

Getting paid on assay means you are getting paid for the contained ounces of
Platinum, Palladium, and Rhodium inside your converter versus getting paid a general
price per can. This ensures that you will get paid the highest value for the precious metals
contained inside your converters!


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