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Are Spark Plugs Recyclable?

More automotive components can now be recycled for scrap value than ever before. Noble6 presently recycles oxygen sensors, catalytic converters, and more recently, spark plugs. Spark plug tips frequently contain iridium or platinum, which is a precious metal with recyclable value. Platinum and iridium must be recycled because they are scarce due to the limited amount that can be mined at any given time.

While many auto repair shops simply throw away scrap spark plugs when customers request replacements, they are passing up an opportunity to make extra money with these materials. The precious metals in most scrap spark plugs will never be recovered.

Our Automotive Recycling Program may be useful to you if you own or operate a business in the automotive repair industry. You may conveniently recycle several valuable scrap materials at once thanks to this program. Noble6 takes pleasure in recycling used spark plugs in a way that’s good for the environment and our clients’ pockets. This recycling service is exclusively available to registered¬†businesses.¬†


Are You Eligible for Our Automotive Recycling Program?

What can we do to ensure that you receive the highest possible price for this scrap item? There must be three distinct automotive scrap components totaling at least 700 pounds that must be met to access this special program.


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Spark Plugs

The focus of this program is, of course, on spark plugs so we can properly recycle the precious metals platinum and iridium into the circular economy.



Oxygen Sensors

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Did you know that oxygen sensors contain platinum, which can provide you with even more money than spark plugs? The platinum from oxygen sensors is recycled, and it is required in the mix of your 700 lb. gross weight. Wiring harnesses do not even need to be cut before shipping for this program! We will handle that labor for you, saving you both time and money.


Catalytic Converters

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A minimum of ten OEM catalytic converters must be included in your shipment. Catalytic converters are a high-priced scrap item. They are, in fact, the most valuable scrap automotive component. Inside are precious metals such as platinum, palladium, and rhodium. All of which have a high monetary value.

If you want to look up pricing before including your converters in your minimum 700 lb. gross weight shipment, we provide a free converter price guide.


Remember that you have complete control over the ratio. For instance, this approach is perfectly suitable if you have a mountain of oxygen sensors but only a few boxes of spark plugs and 15 OEM catalytic converters. so long as you weigh at least 700 pounds gross, the minimum requirement.

Click here to sign up for our auto recycling program and start getting paid for your used spark plugs!


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