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Automotive Manufacturers Should Make Catalytic Converter Theft More Difficult

Automotive Manufacturers Need To Make Converter Theft More Difficult

Automotive manufacturers have a responsibility to create vehicles that meet safety, emission, performance, and durability standards. But what about protection from catalytic converter theft? In this blog we address what automotive manufacturing companies should do to make stealing converters more difficult and make their customers happier knowing they will not have to be a victim of this crime.

Catalytic Converter Thieves

Everyday people find themselves victims of catalytic converter theft. Criminals steal these converters because they have precious metals located inside that have recyclable value. You may be wondering if there is enough value in these converters for the risk to be worth it for criminals. A scrap OEM catalytic converter can make the criminal a few hundred dollars and with the converter being easily accessible, it may take thieves a couple of minutes to steal. The risk is great however the action is rapid. Since vehicles are everywhere, criminals can pick from hundreds of options in discrete areas for their next victim.

What Are Manufacturing Companies Doing About It?

Some manufacturing companies make it more challenging for thieves to acquire your catalytic converters, but many leave the catalytic converter open for easy access. As of now the spotlight for catalytic converter theft is mainly on criminals. It is safe to conclude quick and easy access to converters will allow theft to easily continue unless better designs from manufacturing companies are utilized.

What Manufacturers Can Do To Help Prevent This Problem

Manufacturers can go about solving this issue in a few different ways. One way manufacturers can prevent the theft of your catalytic converter is by placing a base plate that covers the components under the vehicle. This is found on some vehicles to protect the underside of the car from scraping over high driveways, pieces of road debris and help reduce cabin noise. A major benefit of this base plate is how it creates a barrier to protect your catalytic converter from easy access. The car manufacturers also have the ability to, if engineering allows, locate the catalytic converter in the engine compartment.

Automotive manufacturers are not responsible for the rise in theft of catalytic converters but they have the power to suppress thieves from stealing catalytic converters in the future.


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