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*No trash, no oil, no partials or copper plugs


1. Qualify

In order to qualify, your business must ship a minimum of 3,000+ lbs. per skid.

2. Prepare

Keep spark plugs separated from other metals you collect for recycling.

3. Ship

We accept 55-gallon drums. No gaylords or large plastic boxes. Please keep out trash.

4. Get Paid

We offer speedy and precise payments. Within 24-48 hours you will be paid!


Must be a licensed auto-related business

Shipped in 55-gallon drums, strapped to a skid

Minimum 3,000+ lb. per skid.

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Why Should We Recycle Spark Plugs?

With a focus on reclaiming Platinum and Iridium from spent spark plugs, Noble 6 has pioneered a high-speed robotic process that promises to transform the way we think about resource conservation and environmental stewardship.


What is Happening to Used Spark Plugs?

The demand for Iridium is poised to surge, particularly with the rise of permeable electrolytic membrane “PEM” electrolizers needed to produce hydrogen by splitting water “H2O” for the emerging green economy. As primary mining sources dwindle, the need for alternative sources are becoming increasingly urgent.

spark plug volume Noble6
2010-2019 Modor Intelligence, 2020+ PMCM LLC​

1 Billion by 2035

Spark plugs supply will exceed 1,000,000,000 by 2035 according to Modor Intelligence rising from 630 million in 2022 (+102% increase).

New Recycle Feedstock

In the metals recycling business we are always on the lookout for the next opportunity. Harvesting end-of-life spark plugs presents new income for collectors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Let us begin by separating these spark plugs from other metals you collect for recycling. Keep them in a different container until you are ready to pack and ship. When sending a bulk shipment, we like to accept them in 55-gallon drums. Please avoid using gaylords or large plastic boxes. You can strap three-four 55-gallon drums to a sturdy pallet or skid. This would represent a minimum 3,000-4,000 lb. bulk shipment. We also accept tailer load quantities. Remember to please keep out all trash, no copper plugs, no partial plugs, no scrap metal and oil.

All Iridium and Platinum plugs are accepted. We do not accept copper plugs – no value. Only whole plugs – no partials. Do not include copper plugs, trash, scrap metals – clean, no oil.

Most of the bulk weight of spark plugs consist of iron. Small amounts of nickel are used on the electrodes themselves. Many contain a copper core through the center of these electrodes along with very small quantities of Iridium and Platinum welded to the tip. The insulator is made from a ceramic based upon aluminum oxide.

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