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Can California’s Power Grid Withstand The Push For A Fully Electric Future?

At the moment, we are at a heightened state of instability on the electric grid. The flex alerts have begun, and they are charging up to 3x the current rate for their electric bill. Most Californians were asked to conserve energy during certain hours.

California intends to phase out gasoline-powered vehicles. State regulators recently approved a policy that will prohibit the sale of new gas cars in California, the country’s largest auto market, by 2035. But how much can our electric grid actually handle given the current state? According to a recent J.D. Power survey, the limited availability and dependability of charging stations is a major deterrent to purchasing electric vehicles. The government recognizes this and has set aside $7.5 billion to expand infrastructure and build more charging stations.

Even with improved infrastructure, the electrical grid remains the most significant challenge. Assuming a significant increase in the number of EVs operating by most California residents over the next 30 years, it is unclear how much the already fragile and vulnerable electric grid can withstand.




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