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Can You Sell Used Spark Plugs?

Can You Sell Used Spark Plugs?

Every year, hundreds of millions of spark plugs are replaced. The vast majority of these spark plugs end up in landfills or as scrap steel. The vast majority of these spark plugs also contain precious metals such as platinum and iridium. These precious metals are regarded as scarce and strategic metals for the United States. We all know that precious metals have monetary value, so is it possible that someone could be compensated for recycling these spark plugs?

Used Spark Plugs Have Value

As previously stated, most of these spark plugs have platinum or iridium on their tips. These precious metals make up a small percentage of the overall spark plug, but that should not deter you from having that material processed. The United States considers precious metals to be strategic because we obtain them through mining. Mining, as we all know, is extremely polluting and expensive. The majority of mines are located in other countries where labor restrictions do not exist and unethical behavior is common. Furthermore, relying on other nations to gather strategic metals used in many of our industrial needs causes concern because one nation may have power over another. 

Why Platinum and Iridium Need to Be Recycled

Platinum and iridium are considered scarce due to the limited supply that can be mined at any given time. Demand for these precious metals rises as industrial standards change due to new technology, even when supply remains limited, resulting in higher prices not only for the manufacturer but also for consumers. This phenomenon can be seen in the commitment to switch to electric vehicles. Fuel cells, which are primarily made of platinum, are required for electric vehicles. As the demand for electric vehicles grows, the current demand for platinum will continue to exceed the current supply, driving up the price of your electric vehicle. Many exceptional people are becoming more aware of the problem and are already working to solve it. For example, Princeton University is researching a platinum-free alternative for fuel cells. The researchers reported in a paper published in the journal Nature Communications on April 4 that a chemical compound based on hafnium worked about 60% as well as platinum-related materials at a fraction of the cost.

How You Can Make Money For Used Spark Plugs

Now that we know why spark plugs have recyclable value, let’s look at how you can get paid for them. It’s important to remember that because the amount of precious metals on a spark plug is so small, you’ll need a lot of them to make money. Furthermore, there is currently only one player in the game of spark plug recycling. Noble6 takes pride in recycling used spark plugs in a way that benefits both our clients’ wallets and the environment. This recycling program is only for businesses. What can we do to make sure you get the most money out of this scrap item? We require a minimum of 700 pounds gross weight of three of the following different materials.

  1. Spark Plugs. Of course, the focus of this program is on spark plugs, in order to properly recycle the precious metals platinum and iridium into the circular economy.
  2. Oxygen sensors. Did you know that oxygen sensors contain platinum, which can provide you with even more money than spark plugs? The platinum from oxygen sensors is recycled, and it is required in the mix of your 700 lb gross weight. Wiring harnesses do not even need to be cut before shipping for this program. We will handle that labor for you, saving you both time and money.
  3. Catalytic converters. A minimum of ten OEM catalytic converters must be included in your shipment. Catalytic converters, as many people are aware, are a high-priced scrap item. They are, in fact, the most valuable scrap automotive component. Inside are precious metals such as platinum, palladium, and rhodium. All of which have a high monetary value. If you want to look up pricing before including your converters in your minimum 700 lb gross weight shipment, we provide a free converter price guide. 

The weight of your shipping materials is also included in the three listed components. Keep in

mind that the ratio is entirely up to you. For instance, if you have a mountain of oxygen sensors but only a few boxes of spark plugs and 15 OEM catalytic converters, this method is perfectly acceptable. As long as you meet the minimum weight requirement of 700 pounds gross.

It’s never been easier to recycle automotive precious metals, allowing businesses to participate

in the circular economy while earning additional profits. Instead of throwing away used spark plugs, start collecting them and selling them for cash today!

Key Takeaway

Hundreds of millions of spark plugs are replaced every year. The vast majority of these spark plugs end up as scrap steel or in landfills. Platinum or iridium is used in the tips of spark plugs. Even though these precious metals make up a small portion of the overall spark plug, you should still have the material processed. Because we obtain precious metals through mining, the United States considers them strategic. Mining is extremely polluting and costly, as we all know. PGM Recovery Systems is proud of its ability to recycle used spark plugs in a way that benefits both our customers’ wallets and the environment. Only businesses are eligible for this recycling program, which requires a minimum gross weight of 700 pounds of spark plugs, oxygen sensors, and 10 OEM catalytic converters. Instead of tossing out old spark plugs, consider selling them for cash today!


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