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Gasoline Muscle Cars Retire: The End of An Era

Last Ride for Gasoline Muscle Cars

With the iconic American muscle cars leaving behind their traditional gasoline-powered glory, the automotive industry is witnessing the end of an era. 


Dodge Muscle Cars

Dodge, famous for its legendary Charger and Challenger cars, has made an ambitious decision to retire the V8-powered beasts. Before Dodge flips the switch to its first entirely electric model in the near future, the 2023 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170 will be the company’s last V8-powered vehicle. Embracing the future of automotive technology while paying homage to its history of potent V8 performance, this is a pivotal moment for Dodge. In addition to the final chapter of Dodge Muscle cars, the infamous Dodge Hellcat engine is expected to be retired later this year, replacing the iconic 6.2-liter supercharged V8 engine that powers the Hellcat lineup. Many people look to other automakers and wonder if muscle cars will become a thing of the past. 

Ford Muscle Cars

Following in Dodge’s footsteps, Ford Motor Company is also aiming to challenge the automotive landscape, but it will take a bit longer to make the full switch. Many Ford Mustang fanatics are thrilled they are taking their time before retiring their Mustang, though it is only one year different than Dodge. The 2024 Mustang may be the last gas-powered car in Ford’s lineup. Ford recognizes the desires of its customers and offers a variety of choices, from the newer, environmentally friendly electric Mustang Mach-E to powerful gas-powered options like the Mustang GT Fastback and Dark Horse. Ford caters to Mustang enthusiasts who crave both performance and greener alternatives for now…then, for new Ford Models, they will all be electric or hybrid. Many auto enthusiasts know about the war between the Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro and wonder if the Camaro is retiring as well…spoiler alert, it is! 

Chevrolet Muscle Cars

The sixth-generation Chevrolet Camaro, an icon in the realm of American muscle cars, is also set to retire, leaving an indelible mark on automotive enthusiasts. The final sixth-generation Camaros will roll off the assembly line in January 2024. Chevrolet acknowledges the Camaro’s striking design, powerful performance, and exhilarating driving experience. While bidding farewell to the sixth generation, it has been confirmed that this is not the end of the Camaro’s story—just the gas-powered one. 


As gasoline-powered muscle cars make way for electrification and greener technologies, a new chapter in the automotive industry begins. While many automotive enthusiasts have mixed feelings about this transition, others are excited to see what type of performance we will receive from the new era of EVs from these trusted American automakers. The era of gasoline muscle cars may be drawing to a close, but their legacy and impact will forever be remembered as symbols of power, speed, and the American automotive spirit. 


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