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Get Paid to Recycle: How Selling Scrap O2/AF Sensors Can Earn You Top Dollar

As an automotive professional, you understand the significance of oxygen sensors, often referred to as O2/AF sensors, in vehicles. These sensors are critical for regulating fuel consumption, lowering emissions, and improving engine performance. However, just like any other car part, oxygen sensors eventually wear out and must be replaced. But what happens to the old sensors after they are removed from the vehicle? The answer is simple: they can be recycled. 

Recycling oxygen sensors is not only environmentally friendly, but it can also help you make your automotive related business more money! Most oxygen sensors carry a small ceramic thimble or planer with a thin layer of platinum and/or palladium on the inside or outside. The precious metals are extracted from old sensors are returned to the manufacturing process and used for a variety of purposes. This helps to conserve natural resources and gets you paid. 

So how often can your shop anticipate replacing oxygen sensors? The answer is determined by each vehicle and its driving conditions. Oxygen sensors typically last anywhere between 70,000 to 100,000 miles before needing to be replaced. This, of course, varies depending on how frequently the vehicle is driven and the type of driving conditions it encounters. The oxygen sensor in a car may wear out faster if it is frequently driven in traffic or in treacherous weather conditions. 

The easiest way to start getting paid from your scrap oxygen sensors is to collect your O2/AF sensors until you have a quantityIf you’re a licensed business, you can use Noble6’s patented process for recycling O2/AF sensors, which pays top dollar nationwide. So, why not think about recycling to help the environment while also earning some extra money? 


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