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How the Automotive Recycling Industry Stays Protected and Represented

We had the pleasure of speaking with Sandy Blalock, Executive Director of the Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA). Sandy has faced numerous market challenges over the last 30 years. One challenge is the presence of people who do not operate legally in this industry. While this is a professional industry, there are many companies that compete but do not pay taxes, overhead, or other legal business expenses. ARA develops their own standards, ensuring that resources are available to the industry so that every business understands their responsibilities. The ARA University is an educational resource for those in our industry, making it a direct benefit to all auto recyclers. The ARA ensures that our industry’s businesses operate responsibly in their communities. This is a growing and professional industry. ARA offers a variety of programs, such as their mentorship program for automotive recyclers, which helps fellow recyclers across the country grow their businesses. Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA): Noble6:


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