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How To Prevent Catalytic Converter Theft

How To Prevent Catalytic Converter Theft

Thousands of catalytic converters are stolen every year. Each vehicle model poses a unique converter that varies in price to recycling centers and scrap yards. It takes between 30 seconds to a couple minutes for an experienced thief to steal this from your vehicle. In this blog we will discuss why this particular part of your vehicle is so valuable, how to prevent theft, and what type of vehicles are a high target.

Thieves are taking advantage of the precious metals that are located within the catalytic converters and turning these into a profit.

So what exactly are these precious metals they’re after and where are they located?

Catalytic Converter Metals

The precious metals these thieves are interested in are Platinum, Palladium, and Rhodium. Most people are aware of platinum but are not familiar with Palladium.

Palladium is more valuable than platinum and gold. One of the main reasons this metal is sought after is because the supply has not responded in favor of the demand. This metal helps with the process of cleaning the toxic pollutants into less harmful elements. Per ounce this element can run around $2000.

With regulations steadily increasing in regards to combat pollution, automakers are stiff-armed into adding more of these precious elements in the catalytic converters.

So how do we prevent theft of these catalytic converters?

PGM Recvoery Systems

First we recommend, whenever possible, parking your vehicle in a garage or well lit areas.

Second, you could have your mechanic weld the converter to the exhaust system. This could make the process of theft take longer and increase their risk of getting caught.

Third, you may decide to purchase a catalytic lock which could cost between $150-$400. This may prove to be a good investment since catalytic converter prices to repair average between $945 and $2475.

Finally check that you have full coverage auto insurance.


What cars are at high risk for catalytic converter theft?

Hybrid Cars

Many thieves are stealing hybrid catalytic converters because they hold a high value. The reason hybrid vehicles are targeted most is because the catalytic converter on these models are used a lot less keeping the precious metals inside more in tact.That being said, catalytic theft is highest among Toyota and Honda hybrid model vehicles.

Other types of vehicles to consider are SUVs and trucks. These vehicles make it easier for thieves to crawl up underneath and steal the catalytic converter.

In order to combat the catalytic converter theft issue, it is important to spread awareness on the topic. This way car owners can take the proper precautions to reduce the risk of theft happening to them. Potentially saving them from the mental strain and thousands of dollars in repairs. It is also important that recycling centers ask the proper questions before purchasing these scrap catalytic converters from the public to ensure the criminals are not encouraged.



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