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How to Use Our Free Catalytic Converter Price Guide

How to Use Our Free Catalytic Converter Price Guide

Our updated price guide includes several features that have never been seen before in our industry. We’ve made buying and selling catalytic converters as simple as possible on any device, while also ensuring you get the best price available across the country. Users can access thousands of part numbers through our sophisticated price guide, which is constantly updated with new additions and even pictures. 

The price guide is easy to navigate and provides useful information for no cost. With this information, you can see if you are leaving money on the table when selling your catalytic converters. If you choose to sell at the listed price, you will have direct contact with us at noble6, a reputable recycling company with over a decade of experience in the industry.  

Let’s get started! 


Step 1. Head over to  

Click “Catalytic Converter Price Guide” located within the Services dropdown. 

Step 2. Explore the best option for you.  

We have a free Silver option and a paid Gold option that gives you access to all of the features on our price guide. Once you’ve decided, select the best option for you by clicking “Sign Up.” 

Step 3. Complete the registration form 

Provide us with contact information that gets integrated with your own custom account. Upon registering for the price guide, you will be prompted to create your username and password. This feature allows you to control your profile settings. 

Step 4. Start looking up what your catalytic converters are worth! 

Now that you have gained access to our catalytic converter pricing guide, simply type in a part number, and get to searching. Our price guide makes it easier than ever to find the value of your catalytic converter right when you need it. Grow your business right at your fingertips with our search engine offering up-to-date prices and insight into your converter.

That’s all! You can now use our price guide to determine the value of your catalytic converters. If you have any questions, please contact us via our contact page or visit our FAQ page to see if we can help. Enjoy the most up-to-date price guide and the best experience from Noble6, your automotive precious metals experts. 






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