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Important Tips for Preparing Catalytic Converters

The Best Way to Get the Worst Price  


Cutting open catalytic converters to sell the loose material is one of the worst things you can do. When a scrap yard receives a broken or cut converter, they have no way of knowing which car the converter came from. Even if the seller is certain, it is from a high-priced model, the buyer will have no choice but to offer a much lower price without seeing the ceramic casing intact as it was created and sealed from the original manufacture. There are several reasons for this. The catalytic comb found in all catalytic converters looks the same across hundreds of thousands of catalytic converters. The buyer will pay per pound, and you will lose money. 

Make Selling Your Converter Easy 


 When you’re ready to sell your scrap catalytic converters, make sure all access piping is excluded. You’ll be able to fit more converters into a gaylord box, lowering shipping costs, and you’ll delight your buyer by allowing them to process your material faster. You may assume that those are difficult to cut. Most of them, however, are galvanized steel, which is relatively straightforward to cut. 

Get An Idea of The Value Ahead of Sale  



Another suggestion is to locate the numbers and clean them with a wire brush. The prices are determined by the numbers stamped on the converter. It is critical that you, as the seller, know how much your catalytic converter is worth so that the buyer does not undervalue your material. Our catalytic converter price guide is the best solution for this. This tool gives you access to thousands of catalytic converters, along with updated pricing and images for comparison and verification. Your buyer will be impressed that you did your research and will offer you a higher price as a result. 


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