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New Non-Acid Chemistry Solution for the Recycling of Platinum Group Metals

We had the pleasure of speaking with Mohammad Doostmohammadi, the CEO of pH7 Technologies Inc. pH7 Technology Inc. shares a passion to create a more habitable and sustainable planet for future generations, offering a new non-acid chemistry solution for the recycling of platinum group metals!

pH7 Technologies and Noble6 are pleased to announce they have entered a North American strategic partnership, combining pH7’s leading technologies for the recycling of platinum group metals (PGM) with Noble6’s world class logistics and transparency to bring the next-gen precious metals processing.

pH7 is a leader in extraction and refining of precious metals with zero emissions and with low energy consumption, allowing selective precious metal extraction at competitive costs.

Noble6 is demystifying the process of recycling Catalytic Converters with fair pricing. It has over a decade of experience in the PGM recycling industry and provides a simpler way to get recycled materials to processing capacity.

Click here for more information about the pH7 Technologies & Noble6 partnership. 


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