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PGM Recovery Systems Becomes Noble6

Today, we are pleased to announce that PGM Recovery Systems has rebranded to Noble6! Along with a new brand name and logo, there is a new website and a price guide that has been updated. We’re thrilled to be able to share these brand updates with you, as well as the reasons behind them. 


We are inspired by the commitment of many automotive professionals like you, and we want to assist you in making the most of your recycling efforts. Our main goal is to help all automotive professionals get the most out of their scrap metal by demystifying the precious metal recycling industry. As Noble6, your automotive precious metals experts, we are here to assist you with recycling oxygen sensors, catalytic converters, and even spark plugs! 




What’s New:  

Our desire to add value to the precious metals recycling industry will never change, but our methods of doing so have. You can now expect revolutionary solutions to the way you buy and sell catalytic converters with our new and improved price guide. Its fresh look and improved user experience make it simple to search from thousands of catalytic converters, and the best part is that our list is constantly expanding. 


Noble6 Catalytic Converter Price Guide 

Our price guide makes it easier than ever to find the value of your catalytic converter right when you need it. Grow your business right at your fingertips with our search engine offering up-to-date prices and insight into your converter. Try it free today and see why software like this deserves its own rebrand. 


Silver Member 

Our silver version of our online price guide is completely free. This version is for those who are not dealing with multiple catalytic converters daily. It allows you to search through thousands of catalytic converters to find the best price anywhere in the country! Each day, you can search for up to three catalytic converters using our free version. So, whether you are buying or selling catalytic converters, you will know what we are offering and can make the best decision for your business.  


Gold Member 

It is suitable for companies that need to buy and sell many catalytic converters. With gold, you get unlimited search queries as well as specific features like adding to cart, shipping direct, and much more to help you grow your catalytic converter business. To calculate the grand total with shipping information automatically included, create your own user profile and add it to your list of converters. Have you been unable to locate your converter? This is a chance, not a problem, with our price guide. Simply take a picture of the converter and email it to us along with a few details, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with a quote.  


Farewell PGM Recovery Systems… 

PGM Recovery Systems, Inc. was organized in 2010 with four partners. One metallurgist, two engineers, and a 4th generation nonferrous metal processor with over 100 years of combined experience. 

Between then and now, we have made strides with marketing to the automotive recycling industry. In 2013, we entered the catalytic converter recycling market and focused on creating value by shedding light within the industry. 

Being an innovative company, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our services that are offered to our valued customers. A couple examples of this is our initiatives with research and development for processing stainless catalytic converters in 2016, we then began research and development for recycling spark plugs in 2019. 

We launched our spark plug recycling initiatives in 2020 and have since assisted many automotive professionals in making extra money from scrap components they were throwing away. Following our increased initiatives, we hired an engineering firm to design and build a high-speed process line to handle the material. 


Hello, Noble6 

Now we are looking towards the future and have developed amazing software that will help millions in our industry become demystified with regards to catalytic converter recycling. This is an online price guide that has all the information needed for buying and selling converters. With thousands of part numbers available, top pricing nationwide, and is constantly being updated. This robust software has many features available. A product this grand requires a complete rebrand. We are proud to introduce Noble6, your automotive precious metals experts. 


Join us on the journey to demystifying the automotive precious metals industry. Your automotive precious metals experts are new and improved. 




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