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Sell Your Used Spark Plugs!

Sell Your Used Spark Plugs!

This blog will briefly describe the purpose of a spark plug, why they are valuable, and why you should collect and sell them.

spark plugs

The Purpose of Spark Plugs

Spark Plugs work by sending a spark across the center and side electrode, igniting the gasoline in your car to start combustion as the ignition source. Small and mighty, spark plugs carry an enormous responsibility. Spark Plugs directly link with your engine’s overall performance, allowing your vehicle to reach its maximum power.

Why Spark Plugs Are Valuable

Along with containing common metals, Spark plugs have precious metals which include Platinum and Iridium. Platinum and Iridium have high recyclable value. These platinum group metals are in the high 90th percent tile of recycling rates due to their high value and low recycling cost. It is more cost effective to recycle these PGMs than to extract them through mining.

Why You Should Collect and Sell Your Spark Plugs

Business owners can be a part of the circular economy and enjoy extra profits by recycling their automotive precious metals. Rather than toss your used spark plugs in the trash, collect up a quantity and send them in for cash!

It was unheard of to purchase used Spark Plugs…..Until now.

Now you know the purpose of a Spark Plug, why they are valuable, and what you should do with them when they reach end of life.


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