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Should We Federally Regulate the Buying & Selling of Scrap Catalytic Converters?

We had the pleasure of speaking to the Auto Cat Theft Committee at the 46th annual IPMI conference in Orlando, Florida about what should be done in combatting the growing problem of stolen catalytic converters. Should the buying and selling of scrap catalytic converters be regulated at the federal level? It was fascinating to hear what each of them had to say about this complicated subject. IPMI Auto Cat Theft Committee: Oliver Krestin Steve Contreras Lee Hockey


Catalytic Converter Recycling

Scrap Value of a Diesel Catalytic Converter

Diesel cars have been around for a long time and are as common in most parts of the world as gasoline cars. We know that…

Spark Plug Recycling

Are Spark Plugs Recyclable?

More automotive components can now be recycled for scrap value than ever before. Noble6 presently recycles oxygen sensors, catalytic converters, and more recently, spark plugs.

Converter Theft

Catalytic Converter Thefts Up Over 1,000% 

Catalytic Converter Thefts Up Over 1,000%  Catalytic converter theft has spread rapidly across the country in recent years. From 2019 to…