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Spark Plug Recycling

Now Is the Time to Recycle Spark Plugs!

For many years the automotive industry has thrown away their spent spark plugs along with other scrap. The reason for this is because the recycling technology has not been cost-effective to extract the precious metals located on the tip of each plug. Iridium and platinum are a strategic metal and are not found in large quantities in North America. Unfortunately in the past there has not been an effort to develop a technology to reclaim these valuable metals until now.

spark plugs

The time has now come where a cost-effective technology has been created so automotive professionals can recycle their spark plugs and turn a profit doing so. This automotive recycling program consists of spark plugs, O2/AF sensors, and catalytic converters. Together all three of these items will maximize the return you will receive from just recycling common scrap metal.

Adding spark plugs and O2/AF sensors to your recycling collection requires little effort and results in far greater profits! This revolutionary technology benefits the automotive circular economy and is worth participating in provided you can collect a large number of spark plugs over time. There is no time limit to the collection process. You can take as long as you need to collect the weight required.

Now you can make extra money from your spark plugs and O2/AF sensors while recycling them with your catalytic converters. Register now to the “PGM Automotive Recycling Program”!



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Spark Plug Recycling

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