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Spark Plugs: Everything You Need To Know

What You Need To Know About Spark Plugs

spark plug recyclingSpark Plugs are a tiny component in your vehicle’s operation but play a vital role in ensuring your vehicle starts up and operates efficiently. This tiny piece of your vehicle requires special attention and it is important to understand its functionality, failing signals, and how to replace them.

What Does Your Spark Plug Do?

The engine of your car won’t turn on without a spark. Because spark plug health is directly linked to engine performance, weak or bad spark plugs lead to problems, whether it’s issues with cold-starting or misfires during acceleration. Additionally, without healthy ones, your ride won’t have maximum power, and your vehicle can see a drop in fuel economy. Your spark plugs ignite the fuel/air mixture, causing an explosion that generates power. Plugs form an arc across two electrodes, which are not touching but close enough to permit electricity to cross the gap between them.

How Often Should You Change Your Spark Plugs?

Fortunately, spark plugs don’t need to be replaced very often and can last for a very long time.

Spark plug longevity varies depending on the type and condition of the spark plug; however, new spark plugs should be installed about every 30,000 miles. As an example, copper spark plugs are the shortest-lasting, while more durable and advanced materials offer up to four times the lifespan of copper spark plugs

Signs Your Spark Plugs are Failing

During the combustion process, a build-up of particles and materials start to develop on the spark plugs and its components due to the interaction between air, fuel, and a mixture of fluids. The result of this build can result in a number of different scenarios where your spark plugs can get delayed in their operation, leading to erratic behavior and a rough, shaky, or a bouncing feeling while driving. Other signs of a bad spark plug include:spark plug

  • Acceleration jerks or stalls, accompanied by a strange smell
  • Trouble starting
  • A sudden drop in gas mileage
  • A loss in power while stepping on the gas

Why You Should Change Your Spark Plugs Regularly 

Knowing that your car will start with no problem is the main benefit. There are also many performance advantages to using new spark plugs. Using misfiring spark plugs can result in fuel efficiency losses of as much as 30%. By replacing plugs at regular intervals, you will save money on fuel. With new spark plugs, you’ll experience smooth, dynamic starts.

How to Get Your Spark Plugs Changed to get spark plugs changed.

Spark plug replacements are typically straightforward. The work must be performed on your vehicle when the parts are cold, and the duration of the service will vary by vehicle. There may be times when you have to disassemble your vehicle parts to reach the spark plugs. It’s best to plan ahead since vehicles usually need to be dropped off. 

Consider changing spark plugs yourself. If you have a  4-cylinder engine you can replace your spark plugs yourself in under about an hour and save a few hundred dollars. Generally, it is a simple job that ensures optimal performance and the best fuel efficiency. 

Spark plugs are a small piece of your vehicle but are absolutely essential for a smooth and efficient ride. When was the last time you changed your spark plugs?



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