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Scrap Value of a Diesel Catalytic Converter

Diesel cars have been around for a long time and are as common in most parts of the world as gasoline cars. We know that catalytic converters found in gasoline-powered vehicles are valuable scrap automotive components because they contain precious metals such as platinum, palladium, and rhodium. However, diesel catalytic converters are different.


Does Bigger Converter Mean Better Value?


Catalytic converters for diesel engines are distinct from those for gasoline engines. The size is one difference. Catalytic converters for diesel engines are typically much larger than those for gasoline engines. Because of this people assume diesel catalytic converters are more valuable as scrap than gasoline catalytic converters. This is not true.


Catalytic converters for diesel engines are far less valuable as scrap than converters for gasoline engines. This is because the materials used to make these catalytic converters are inexpensive, and the precious metals, platinum, and palladium, contained within them are much less dense. Diesel engine catalytic converters do not contain rhodium, which is the most valuable precious metal found in gasoline engine catalytic converters. This is because diesel fuel is cleaner than gasoline. When compared to gasoline, the fuel produces less carbon dioxide when burned.


Another distinction is that catalytic converters powered by gasoline are installed on spark-ignited gasoline engines. Diesel oxidation catalysts, on the other hand, lack spark plugs and are installed downstream of a compression-fired diesel engine’s exhaust manifold.


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