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What Are Scrap Catalytic Converters Worth? | How is Their Value Measured?

What Are Scrap Catalytic Converters Worth?

How is Their Value Measured?

What-Are-Scrap-Catalytic Converters-WorthYou probably already know that scrap catalytic converters can make you money! Their value comes from the rare precious metals present inside of them. Pricing on catalytic converters vary and depend on the make and model. Each make and model contains different amounts of precious metals which include; Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium. These metals are in high demand. When we extract these metals from the monolith, they go through our measuring process and the client receives an assay report.

Furthermore, the client receives the exact details of how much precious metals are in their shipment. The client gets a payment according to the metals market price. We base the shipment’s worth on the metals market value the date of shipment hedging.


If you are wondering how much your converters are worth, or want to know if you are receiving a fair price for your used catalytic converters, contact us!

Here at Noble6 we offer a FREE Catalytic Converter Price guide which allows a businesses to search through thousands of part numbers. Moreover, we update the prices weekly according to the current metals’ market price.

So if your business sends their converters to the scrap yard, start saving them and find out what they’re worth!

Knowing this information can open up opportunities for businesses who deal with catalytic converters and want to generate higher profits.


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