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What Is The Difference Between OEM And Aftermarket Catalytic Converters?

How do you know you have an OEM catalytic converter? The simplest way to tell if a catalytic converter is OEM or aftermarket is to look at the casing. It is most likely aftermarket if the catalytic converter has a silver metal casing with an arrow on it. The arrow indicates the proper installation direction based on air flow. Another way to tell if it’s OEM catalytic converter is to look for a stamp. A manufacturer stamp can be found on most OEM converters. A company logo, written name, and specific serial numbers could all be included on this stamp. Another way to tell if it’s OEM catalytic converter is to look at the level of craftsmanship. The seam of a catalytic converter that is OEM will have welds that are clean. These welds are typically higher quality because they were made during the automotive manufacturing process on a production line, as opposed to an auto repair shop that is more concerned with getting the catalytic converter on your vehicle than with the appearance of the installation. Aftermarket catalytic converter welds are more spotty on the seams and the heat shield is more thin and cheap in appearance.


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