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How To Sell Your Catalytic Converters

How to Sell Your Catalytic Converterspgmrs

Catalytic Converters have the most value of all the scrap components in your vehicle. Many automotive repair shops, junkyards and salvage yards try to profit by selling their converters at the best price. We will go over what you need to know when selling catalytic converters to ensure you get the best price.

Why Does A Catalytic Converter Have Value?

Within a catalytic converter, there are valuable precious metals that are responsible for filtering out the toxic exhaust from your vehicle’s inner workings. These precious metals are Platinum, Palladium, and Rhodium. By recycling your catalytic converters you are not only getting paid but you are also helping the environment while promoting the automotive circular economy. Since these metals are difficult to obtain, the value of the catalytic converter is relatively high when comparing it to other components of your vehicles. Each make, model, and year of a specific vehicle have a catalytic converter that varies in price. Since the value of the converter is based on the amount of precious metals located inside, the price of a converter varies as the metal pricing fluctuates. Some OEM catalytic converters have a scrap value of a couple of thousand dollars which is why it is very important to learn what makes these items worth selling. 

Sell Your Catalytic Converters

The first thing you should do if you are planning to sell your catalytic converter is to identify the type of converter you have or regularly receive. OEM catalytic converters have a higher recycling value than an Aftermarket or DPF. Since federal regulations govern emissions, car manufacturers provide an extended warranty and must ensure a car’s catalytic converter can filter out toxins for up to 100,000 miles before selling it. This results in higher precious metal loadings within the catalytic converter and more money for you. 

Now that you have identified you have an OEM catalytic converter, you need to check the price. Use our free price guide to identify the value of your catalytic converter and keep your buyers honest. 

  • Use A Price Guidepgmrs

A catalytic converter price guide gives you the opportunity to see how much you can get paid from each individual catalytic converter by simply typing in the part number. Some companies offer a price list exclusively to their customers. They require a minimum amount of converters to be shipped to them, otherwise they pull access to the guide. There are also pricing apps available for a monthly fee.  

PGM Recovery Systems offers a free price guide to anyone looking to gather information on pricing. If you wish to sell for the price listed, the price is honored for 7 days.Purchases can only be made from businesses, not individuals or the public.


  • Keep Your Buyer Honest

Now that you have a price guide, regardless of who you sell your catalytic converters to, you can use it as a reference. Many business operators have road buyers who offer them cash for their converters and are being taken advantage of because of their limited knowledge of the converter’s actual value.

  • Don’t Enable Criminal Activity 

We all have heard that catalytic converter theft is rapidly on the rise. Many criminals are roaming at night stealing catalytic converters and selling them online or to another party. Some clever individuals are going to your businesses offering cash for your legitimate catalytic converters and mixing them in with the stolen ones. Because of the volume of catalytic converters that are being recycled and the transactions are depending solely on cash, the stolen converters become impossible to trace. 

If you own or operate within a business that has an interest in selling catalytic converters, it is important that you only deal with reputable recycling companies. In addition, you should eliminate accepting cash as a transaction method to sell your catalytic converters. This way the buyer and seller have a receipt to prove legitimate transactions. 

How to Use PGM Recovery Systems Free Catalytic Converter Price List

PGM Recovery Systems catalytic converter price list is easy to use and provides valuable information for free. With this information, business operators can see if they are leaving money on the table when selling their catalytic converters. They also have direct contact with a reputable recycling company if they decide they want to sell at the price listed. To get the free price guide, follow these 3 easy steps:

Afterward, you will have unlimited access to the price guide and you can begin using it to sell your catalytic converters for the best rate. Catalytic converters have a lot of recyclable value. It is important to know why this is the case and how to sell these converters correctly.



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