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How We Can Help Your Business

We purchase scrap catalytic converters, O2 sensors, and even spark plugs from businesses in order to extract the precious metals located inside. For the last decade we have formulated our business practices around transparency, integrity, and awareness, keeping the client informed on every aspect of the process. Due to our expertise, we are helping recycling companies obtain higher profits when selling used catalytic converters, O2 sensors, and spark plugs. We offer our clients access to our very own FREE converter price guide in order to promote a value system of fair dealing. With our price guide, clients can look up thousands of part numbers with updated pricing. We also offer a spark plug recycling program to clients who are recycling catalytic converters and O2 sensors with us. As a result of providing the industry with the proper tools to increase their profits, we are developing long-term relationships with suppliers.

We look forward to working with your business.

SPARK PLUGS RECYCLING: Due to higher emissions standards, internal combustion gasoline engines require higher light off temperatures and pressure to attain the desired results.  Because platinum and iridium can stand up to these conditions, they are the material of choice used in OEM applications. We offer a spark plug recycling program to clients who participate in our catalytic and O2/AF recycling programs. We see this program as a partnership between your business and ours. As a partner we will purchase your used spark plugs and pay 50% of the shipping costs. The remaining 50% will be deducted from your invoice. 

CATALYTIC CONVERTER RECYCLING: A three-way catalytic converter has platinum, palladium and rhodium. Each element has a unique function in dealing with car exhaust. We encourage you to use our FREE online pricing guide to evaluate the pricing of your catalytic converters. Whether you are a client of ours or not, we promote fair dealing. 

02/AF  SENSOR RECYCLING: As a small amount of platinum inside a sensor heats up, it generates a small electrical voltage which will indicate to the on-board computer current exhaust conditions.  Over time, these sensors become foul and must be replaced. Our company has a U.S. Patent process to reclaim the platinum and we pay top dollar to our clients.


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