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Is It Expensive to Replace a Catalytic Converter? 

Are you noticing your car struggling to accelerate, a foul odor coming from the exhaust, or a decrease in fuel efficiency? It’s possible that it’s time to replace your catalytic converter. 

All gasoline-powered vehicles require catalytic converters as essential parts. These parts make sure that the toxins produced by your car’s internal workings are converted into breathable air. The converter contains valuable precious metals like platinum, palladium, and rhodium 

The converter might have been stolen if you hear a loud roar when you start the car that gets louder as you go faster. Theft of catalytic converters is a major issue across the nation because of the use of these precious metals inside. Scrap catalytic converters could be sold for hundreds of dollars. 


What is the price of a catalytic converter? 

Catalytic converter replacement costs vary by model, just like any other car repair. The average cost of replacing a defective catalytic converter range between $900 and $2500. Some highly specialized vehicles may be priced even higher. 

However, high catalytic converter prices are only the beginning. Along with the repair, you must consider diagnostic expenses and other possible issues that may arise because of the failure. For instance, you may need to replace one or more oxygen sensors, the muffler, or the tailpipe all at once. Before you begin the repair, you should conduct a thorough cost analysis.

What are you going to do with your scrap converter? 


Because of the recyclable precious metals inside, many shops will give you a rebate on your scrap converter. Because precious metals are difficult and expensive to extract from the earth, recycling them is a better option for the environment. These auto repair shops can profit by selling their catalytic converters to legitimate recyclers like Noble6™. 

Noble6™ only works with registered businesses and specializes in catalytic converter recycling. We do not purchase from individuals or the public. 


Find the value of your scrap catalytic converter with our easy-to-use catalytic converter price guide. Simply register, type in the part number, and discover pricing for your catalytic converter. With thousands of part numbers listed and pricing updated weekly, our price guide is the best tool for finding your catalytic converter’s value accurately and efficiently. 


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