FREE SHIPPING when you send us your OEM converters!

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Noble6 has made shipping catalytic converters easier than ever before. When you send us your catalytic converters right now, you can get top pricing and FREE shipping.  


Make sure you get the best price for your catalytic converters by using our price guide. 

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How It Works 

You can get free shipping on your scrap OEM catalytic converters in three simple steps. Here’s how to get started: 


Step 1 

Package the scrap catalytic converters that you want to sell.  

  • At least three OEM converters are required. 


Step 2 

Send us your package via USPS First Class or UPS Ground. 

  • Standard shipping ONLY. 


Step 3 

Email us your shipping receipt and the packing slip for reimbursement.  


Profit from the sale of your scrap catalytic converters and receive FREE shipping in just three simple steps.  

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