Where to Recycle Catalytic Converters

Where To Recycle Catalytic Converters

Where To Recycle Recycle Catalytic Converters

Where To Recycle Catalytic Converters and Get Paid



Here at Noble6, we make it our mission to provide relevant information & transparent assaying services to those who are trying to get the most out of their catalytic converter and scrap O2 sensors recycling.

A lot of people sell used catalytic converters by the piece for a fixed price. But did you know if you have large batches of auto catalysts you can get higher profits if you de-can the cats first and then get world-class transparent assaying services?

Even If you have de-canned your cats in the past and found it to be unprofitable, keep reading to learn the correct, profitable method to de-canning and recycling catalytic converters for the highest returns.

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Get The Highest Profits Possible

How to Sell Used Catalytic Converters

Get maximum returns when you sell used catalytic converters by following this simple yet specific method:

Follow these 2 simple steps. And as a result, you will see a dramatic increases to your catalytic converter recycling profits.

  • Step 1: De-Can your scrap catalytic converters.
  • Step 2: Contact Noble6 for transparent assaying services and fast payments.

Note: If you have a small batch of Scrap Converters, we also RECEIVE them whole (un-canned).


Step 1

De-Can The Scrap Catalytic Converters First to Get Optimum Returns

In order to get the highest returns from recycling catalytic converters you must de-can them first. The great thing about de-canning your scrap catalytic converter shells is you can technically get it done at a low cost. All you have to do is recycle the stainless steel (S.S.) to offset the de-canning labor costs. Used catalytic converter shells are made of 409 S.S. and the wire wrap inside is made of 316 S.S. (316 S.S. is 10%-14% nickel.) Depending on how far you are from a stainless steel consumer, you can get $.07 – $.12 per pound for 409 S.S. PGM The average weight of one catalytic converter shell is 7 pounds. A good de-canner can de-can 35-50 scrap catalytic converters per hour.

Step 2

Work With A Transparent Assaying Company Who Provides The Fastest Payments In The Industry

Here at Noble6, we have over a century of combined experience. The CEO, Edmund Schwenk has been a metallurgist for decades. As a result, He has an exclusive relationship with a publicly traded, world-class assaying company that is regulated by the SEC/Dodd-Frank Act Against Fraud. The accuracy and legitimacy of this assaying service is extremely valuable.

Noble6: “We Buy De-Canned & Whole Scrap Catalytic Converters.”

We purchase loose, de-canned & whole auto catalysts nationwide from automotive recyclers, scrap metal yards, scrap catalytic converter buyers, catalytic converter de-canners, and auto core buyers.

De-Canning is the final step in the catalytic converter recycling supply chain before the assaying/smelting process begins. You can sell used catalytic converter’s precious insides to us at Noble6 after you de-can the shells. We will provide you with the most accurate assaying services. As a result, you can get $10,000’s more in profits when you sell used catalytic converters that have been de-canned to us.

So next time you ask yourself where to recycle catalytic converters, just remember us @ Noble6. We strive to get our suppliers (you) the highest profits, as soon as possible. Just follow our simple procedure and watch your bottom line grow in good or bad times.


Before you decide where to recycle catalytic converters, de-can them first. Then contact us for world-class, transparent assaying services. As a result, we will build a strong, fruitful, and lucrative business relationship.

Our fair business practices are important because when you are dealing with precious metals, you need quality people and transparency in order to get the most out of your catalytic converter recycling endeavors.

Still Got Questions?

Not a problem. Just reach out and give us a call. As a partner, we always want to make sure all questions are accurately answered, and you feel confident in your recycling process. We’re the expert team, here for you.


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