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Which Spark Plugs Do We Recycle?

In the quest for sustainability and environmental consciousness, recycling has become a cornerstone of modern industrial practices. Among the many items finding their way into the recycling stream are spark plugs, those tiny but essential components of internal combustion engines. However, not all spark plugs are created equal when it comes to recycling, and understanding the nuances can make a significant difference in the process’s efficiency and effectiveness.

Our company is dedicated to the responsible recycling of automotive components, including spark plugs. Our approach to spark plug recycling sheds light on the importance of material composition and proper handling in the recycling industry.

The noble 6 Approach

So, what type of spark plugs does noble 6 recycle? We currently accept automotive spark plugs, specifically those made of iridium or platinum. The reason behind this specification lies in the recoverable value of these precious metals. Copper-tipped spark plugs, while common in older models, hold no recoverable value and are thus excluded from Noble 6’s recycling program.

Quality Control Measures

Maintaining the integrity of the recycling process is paramount for us. We emphasize the importance of ensuring that only suitable items are included in the recycling bins. This includes keeping trash and other scrap materials out of the mix, as they can contaminate the recycling stream and complicate the sorting process.

Whole Plug Policy

One distinctive feature of our approach is the insistence on receiving whole spark plugs rather than partial ones. This requirement stems from the sophisticated material handling system employed by our company. Our high-speed system utilizes vision learning technology, which captures images of each item passing through the system. Partial plugs can confuse the system, hindering its ability to sort and process the materials efficiently.

Distinguishing Between Iridium and Platinum

For those unfamiliar with spark plug composition, distinguishing between iridium and platinum plugs may seem daunting. However, we provide valuable insights into identifying these differences. Starting with the central electrode, copper-tipped plugs have a distinct appearance, with a “big fat center electrode.” In contrast, iridium plugs feature a fine wire, while platinum plugs exhibit a cross between a wire and a wider base, sometimes resembling a Hershey Kiss.

Manufacturers have also begun incorporating identifying marks on spark plugs, such as “IRL” for iridium or “platinum” for platinum plugs. Additionally, the color of the ink used for marking can provide clues, with blue or green ink typically indicating precious metal plugs.


In the realm of automotive recycling, every detail matters. Our dedication to accepting only iridium and platinum spark plugs, coupled with our stringent quality control measures, ensures a streamlined and efficient recycling process. By understanding the distinctions between different types of spark plugs and adhering to best practices, both consumers and recyclers can contribute to a more sustainable future for automotive industries.

In summary, while spark plugs may be small in size, their impact on recycling practices is significant. Through initiatives like our noble 6 recycling program, the automotive industry takes another step toward minimizing its environmental footprint and embracing a circular economy model.

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