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Why Are Catalytic Converter Prices Different From App To App?

Why is there a price difference between price guides for catalytic converters? Although most companies, such as Noble6, provide sophisticated pricing solutions for scrap catalytic converters, there will be differences between each guide. There could be several reasons for this.

One possibility is that the catalytic converter associated with a specific part number was sampled at various stages of its lifespan. For example, if a catalytic converter with over 100,000 miles is being analyzed, the value will almost certainly be less than the same catalytic converter scrapped at 30,000 miles because the precious metal loading will vary. From one company to the next, the catalytic converter being analyzed and inputed into their system is not the same. As a buyer of these catalytic converters we are looking for the average value associated with each catalytic converter for our price guide to offer the best and most reliable pricing. It’s worth noting that businesses make the most money when they sell on assay. That is how you achieve market dominance. When purchasing catalytic converters, price guides can help you accumulate the volume necessary to join our catalyst program.

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